Web Boutique is a small firm that provides highly specialized services to clients who need to claim ownership over the first page of search engine results on keyword queries that reflect their personal and professional endeavors. We help them cultivate and maintain an authentic personal or corporate brand. Our experience and reputation have been earned one project at a time. For o full list of our services, please visit Webboutique.eu/services

Web Boutique is not allowed to list its clients due to privacy and NDA agreements, but our Online Reputation Management portfolio includes clients from various fields: international industrial and financial players; entrepreneurs; leading experts in the field of IT, competitive intelligence and intrusion management; famous religious and spiritual figures; art consultancy groups; international tax planning advisers; telecom operators and many other.



You are running a successful business and have many innovative ideas. It’s time for your website and reputation to reflect that.
Web Boutique offers professional web services that range from web development to graphic design and online reputation management.
Advantages small companies have over big businesses?

People like to do business with those they know, like, and trust. We know our customers in a way that big businesses don’t. We are closer to customers and can handle questions and concerns immediately. A boutique firm requires fewer resources to operate and maintain. Lower overhead costs allow us to offer competitive prices, and even undercut a big competitor.

Web Boutique achieved along the years a high level of expertise in Online Reputation Management for the Italian speaking markets due to the multitude of projects Italian clients generated via word-of-mouth. In other words, we’re the real deal for your reputation issues on Google.it