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Restore your online reputation with Web Boutique.

Online Reputation Builder

73% of consumers trust search engines when evaluating a reputation. Transfer your real world reputation into the online world. Pro-active reputation solutions that fit any budget.

Reputation Repair Basic

Our basic ORM package is designed for small companies and individuals primarily seeking to improve their online presence by building or defending it from minor reputation issues. Local focus.

Rep. Repair Professional

Our most popular ORM package works best for individuals, executives and mid-sized businesses who want to improve common reputation issues faster. Standard national search issues.

Reputation Repair Premium

Premium or custom Online Reputation Management plans are most often used by high profile companies and individuals who are under a major reputation attack. National / international focus.

Reputation Maintenance

Search engines are Daedalian structures. Rankings change and are influenced by algorithm updates, social engagement, recent news etc. On-going maintenance is recommended.

Reputation Monitoring

Set up alerts, monitor reviews, blogs, news, forums, and social networks. Perform text analysis, extract sentiment, opinions. Measure the quantity and quality of the conversations, analyze the demographic profile etc.

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Simply put, Online Reputation Management (ORM) is the process of influencing what and how people think of a company or individual when searched online. Character is who you are, reputation is what other people think you are. Since nowadays your reputation is based mainly on what artificial intelligence systems portray, Online Reputation Management provides a sense of balance to combat outdated or distorted information.

If done ethically, Online Reputation Management gives you a certain control over how you are perceived online. Unfortunately, Google seems to have embedded a bias in the system, which in many instances gives negative content greater ranking ability than it deserves. Online reputation management enables a degree of message control specifically tailored to your needs.

Google’s main source of revenue is advertising. Why should such a company be the lone arbiter of our reputation? Google itself is suppressing content on the internet, and it is not the only one. Some degree of censorship and blacklisting is probably necessary; we are not disputing that, but “when Google’s employees or algorithms decide to block our access to information about a news item, political candidate or business, opinions and votes can shift, reputations can be ruined and businesses can crash and burn.” The New Censorship.


  • higher profitability & customer preference in doing business with you
  • the ability to charge a premium for products and services
  • favorable media coverage
  • your organization’s value in the financial marketplace
  • stakeholder support in times of controversy

“There is little more precious than our reputation. But protecting reputation is increasingly difficult in the digital age, where so much about us is systematically indexed, accessed and shared with just a few keystrokes. Online information about us can easily be distorted or taken out of context and it is often extremely difficult to remove,” Privacy Commissioner Daniel Therrien.